Quiz: Do These Labor Laws Apply to Your Compact Company?

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Working your company and producing a revenue are difficult adequate. But you also need to be mindful of labor laws that apply to your tiny company. In this quiz we check your awareness about laws that could have an impact on tiny companies like yours.

In the United States A number of properly-established labor laws go back decades. Initially most have been developed to secure employees. There is a silver lining for companies. Yes, compliance can sometimes truly feel tedious, but stage back and search at the large image. Realistic laws give us certainty. There is significantly less guesswork. They degree the taking part in discipline and deliver a framework for you to operate a secure, productive and respectful workplace.

The labor laws and rules start off at the Federal degree, such as the Honest Labor Specifications Act (FLSA).  But there is a entire patchwork of state labor laws, as well. Even cities might have employment ordinances.

See how a lot you know about these labor laws – consider the quiz!

Quiz: Labor Laws That Apply to Compact Company


#one I need to deliver a secure workplace for workers, accurate or false?

In accordance to Employer.gov, “You need to deliver a workplace absolutely free of recognized overall health and security hazards and comply with specified security specifications, guidelines, and rules, which might fluctuate based on your sector and nature of operations. Your workers have the correct to refuse harmful perform, offered specified situations are met.”

OSHA is the most important law that covers most employers, but other laws might apply to certain industries (e.g., mines). Also, 22 states have their very own occupational security divisions which are monitored by OSHA. Read through.

#two How a lot is the hourly minimal wage beneath U.S. Federal law?

Beneath U.S. Federal law, the minimal wage an employer can pay out workers is $seven.25 per hour.

Tipped workers might have reduced hourly costs even so, their mixed normal ideas and wage need to equal the minimal.

Continue to keep in thoughts that 30 states (such as the District of Columbia) and some municipalities like New York City call for a greater wage than the Federal minimal. A state map of minimal wages can be observed at the Division of Labor internet site, right here.

#three Hourly employees who perform overtime are entitled to double their price of pay out – accurate or false?

Beneath the Federal Honest Labor Specifications Act, hourly employees who perform extra than 40 hrs in a week are entitled to time-and-a-half (in other phrases, one particular and a half occasions their common pay out price) for overtime hrs.

State laws might call for a distinct overtime price. For instance, California needs overtime of twice the price of pay out for any hrs more than 12 in a day.

#four Is my tiny company needed to show posters advising employees of labor law rights?

The appropriate response is yes, you need to show posters if the law needs one particular and if it applies to your form of company.

The Division of Labor has a useful poster advisor instrument to inform you which posters you need to show.  There are also state laws that could apply.

#five Can little ones beneath age 14 be employed?

Yes, little ones beneath 14 can be employed, but only beneath constrained conditions. Little ones beneath age 14 are permitted to:

  • provide newspapers,
  • babysit,
  • perform as an actor or performer,
  • perform in a company owned by their moms and dads, or
  • do constrained agricultural perform.

Other exceptions might apply, but individuals are the most frequent. Hrs are drastically limited, and perform might not interfere with schooling. This is beneath Federal law. State laws might impose even further limitations.

#six A teenager aged 16 or 17 is constrained to eight hrs of perform a week, accurate or false?

In standard this is false.

  • Beneath Federal law, teens concerning 16 and 17 have no restrictions on the amount of hrs they can perform.
  • Some state laws restrict hrs. But even individuals commonly permit extra than eight hrs a week. For instance, the State of Washington limits 16-17 12 months olds to 20 hrs a week — and extra when college is not in session.
  • Often examine the laws in your state.

#seven Is there a minimal age for when my small little ones can perform in my company?

There are no minimal age restrictions beneath Federal law. But please place your child’s overall health and welfare 1st.

Also, other legal restrictions nevertheless apply. For instance, your small kids are unable to perform in your company if you are engaged in a hazardous sector.  State laws might also apply. Read through extra.

#eight Is a tiny company needed to offer you relatives depart to workers?

The appropriate response is: probably. It depends on the dimension of your company and the place you are situated.

Beneath U.S. Federal law you need to offer you relatives depart if your company has 50 or extra workers. Nevertheless, some states and a couple of municipalities call for relatives depart even by smaller sized companies.

What’s extra, this is an spot of the law that is quickly altering. So it is vital to keep abreast of laws in your spot. Read through extra.

#9 Am I needed to retain the services of a disabled man or woman even if a person else is improved certified?

The appropriate response is, no. You are not needed to retain the services of a disabled man or woman if a person else is improved certified — as lengthy as you do not base your selection on the disability.

Nevertheless, Federal law will not allow you to discriminate towards a disabled man or woman.

Also, if a disabled man or woman asks for a fair accommodation to do the task, you need to give it.

The Federal law applies to employers with 15 or extra workers. State demands might apply to smaller sized employers.

More than 50 million Americans have disabilities. A lot of employers have observed disabled workers to be superb employees who contribute a lot to the workplace.

#10 Each company need to use E-Confirm to demonstrate employees have the correct to perform in the U.S. – accurate or false?


E-Confirm is a very good electronic procedure that can support you comply with the law. Nevertheless, e-Confirm is at the moment voluntary and not needed except for government contractors or if needed by state law.

Nevertheless, as an employer, you are needed to confirm that you are employing employees legally authorized to perform in the United States. This suggests you need to file Kind I-9 and confirm specified relevant information and facts.

But irrespective of whether you use e-Confirm to support you in that system is your selection.

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